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Our customers extract more value from their SQL database applications

Our reporting system is years out of date and won’t be upgraded anytime soon. Adding QuerySmith has helped us to deliver new reports people need quickly. The fact that it’s in Excel means it’s easy to justify that it’s a safe choice going forward. Susan Temple

Accounting System Administrator

Our application vendor requires a full client license for each user that just want access to reports. Using QuerySmith, we can deliver identical Excel reports to many more people without paying expensive per-seat licensing fees. Geoff Hunt

Application Implementation Consultant

Via acquisitions, we now run 3 separate versions of Maximo across a number of facilities. Using QuerySmith, we have standardized on a single set of reports. Users at our head office now have a consistent view of everything that’s going on. Mike Smith

Systems Integration Manager

SQL Query Builder

Many business professionals are new to SQL. QuerySmith helps you understand joins, data filtering and subqueries, leaving you to focus on the big picture of the problem you’re trying to solve.

Excel Report Builder

Export to Excel is the most popular feature in most business intelligence products. QuerySmith is fundamentally built around the concept of getting data into a formatted spreadsheet for you.

Web & Email Reports

Support all your users with a centrally managed report catalog. Users have full browser access to run reports. Reports can arrive in the morning inbox or for those who are travelling.

Cloud Hosted Reporting

Installing reporting infrastructure including web and database servers is beyond the reach of most business professionals. Let us manage the infrastructure you need for you.

Excel’s Missing SQL Query Builder

QuerySmith adds a powerful SQL query builder with support for Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Postgres. Whether you are new to SQL or experienced, QuerySmith makes it easy to manage complex joins, filter criteria and subqueries, all while generating the proper SQL for your database.

All Roads Lead To Excel

You’re almost certainly going to wind up in Excel making financial/operational models, projections and what-if scenarios. QuerySmith automates the work of getting data out of your database application and into a usable form for further analysis.

One Click Publishing

QuerySmith provides an integrated query and reporting system that scales from a single user to your entire workgroup. Your queries and report are stored in shared folders in the cloud. Whether you’re a small team working together in Excel, or a large team across locations that wants web access to reports, it’s all in the same place.

Browser Based Excel Reports

QuerySmith uses Microsoft Office 365 Excel rendering technology to deliver fantastic quality reports. Excel reports on the web look great, and are highly functional too. Range filters, pivot tables and charts all work together giving you a high quality web reporting experience.

Download & Open In Excel

Web reports are a great start, but for real analysis you’re going to want to work in desktop Excel. All QuerySmith reports are standard Excel files, so you can download the report and get working on changes or additions right away. Whether you’re on PC, Mac, Surface or iPad, you’ll get that great Excel experience the way you want it.

Spreadsheet Reports In Your Inbox

Whether you’re senior management or a worker on the go, having a report arrive in your inbox automatically can be handy. QuerySmith gives you powerful, flexible scheduling options to ensure that you never miss those month-end reporting requirements.

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