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Our customers extract more value from their SQL database applications

Our reporting system is years out of date and won’t be upgraded anytime soon. Adding QuerySmith has helped us to deliver new reports people need quickly. The fact that it’s in Excel means it’s easy to justify that it’s a safe choice going forward. Susan Temple

Accounting System Administrator

Our application vendor requires a full client license for each user that just want access to reports. Using QuerySmith, we can deliver identical Excel reports to many more people without paying expensive per-seat licensing fees. Geoff Hunt

Application Implementation Consultant

Via acquisitions, we now run 3 separate versions of Maximo across a number of facilities. Using QuerySmith, we have standardized on a single set of reports. Users at our head office now have a consistent view of everything that’s going on. Mike Smith

Systems Integration Manager

SQL Query Builder

Many business professionals are new to SQL. QuerySmith helps you understand joins, data filtering and subqueries, leaving you to focus on the big picture of the problem you’re trying to solve.

Excel Report Builder

Export to Excel is the most popular feature in most business intelligence products. QuerySmith is fundamentally built around the concept of getting data into a formatted spreadsheet for you.

Web & Email Reports

Support all your users with a centrally managed report catalog. Users have full browser access to run reports. Reports can arrive in the morning inbox or for those who are travelling.

Cloud Hosted Reporting

Installing reporting infrastructure including web and database servers is beyond the reach of most business professionals. Let us manage the infrastructure you need for you.

Excel’s Missing SQL Query Builder

QuerySmith adds a powerful SQL query builder with support for Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Postgres. Whether you are new to SQL or experienced, QuerySmith makes it easy to manage complex joins, filter criteria and subqueries, all while generating the proper SQL for your database.

All Roads Lead To Excel

You’re almost certainly going to wind up in Excel making financial/operational models, projections and what-if scenarios. QuerySmith automates the work of getting data out of your database application and into a usable form for further analysis.

Query Builder Features

The full power and flexibility of SQL in an easy to edit form

Easy To Use Drag & Drop Designer

The majority of QuerySmith users are non-technical business professionals. Everyone from accountants who are wanting more detail from the accounting system to operations managers who need more detail from the asset management application are able to get more done using our graphical query builder.

Find And Filter Your Data

The most common text operators like ‘starts with’ and ‘contains’ are easily translated into the database specific LIKE operators that will return your data. There’s no need to remember the correct date formats for your beginning and ending ranges, the date editor will output them for you.

Visualize Complex Joins Easily

Joins are incredibly misunderstood, but represent perhaps the single most valuable query feature available in a database today. Joins are conceptually simple and are easy to understand when you can see them visualized, but are much harder to understand in pure text form. Let QuerySmith show you how easy joins are to work with.

Manage Complexity Using Subqueries

Large queries can be unwieldy to work with, but breaking them apart into logical subunits using subqueries can help. Subqueries can be used to solve a wide range of problems, but the easiest way to think of them is that they are like Russian dolls. The structure inspector in QuerySmith can help you see and understand that structure.

Visualize Sets (Union, Minus, Except)

Set operations including UNION, MINUS and EXCEPT are powerful operators that allow you to take the results of separate queries and either stack or compare the results. As queries get larger, understanding the role that the individual queries play can get to be hard to manage in pure text form.

Focus On Business Goals, Not SQL

SQL is largely a standardized language, but there are subtle and important differences between in the SQL supported by each brand of database. QuerySmith generates the proper SQL for the database that you’re using, leaving you to focus on the business problem you’re trying to solve, and not worrying about SQL syntax.

SQL Editor Features

For those that want to hand craft SQL perfection

Reverse Engineer SQL Into A Diagram

Reverse engineering is the killer feature of QuerySmith. Starting with a valid, plain text SQL query, QuerySmith will parse the query and generate a diagram that you can work with. Reverse engineering works with wide range of supported SQL syntax with queries as many as thousands of lines long.

Syntax Highlighting SQL Editor

Once you get more familiar with SQL syntax you might want to work with it by hand. At a glance you can see the differences between strings, number, database functions and operators and more.

Format Hard To Read SQL

SQL is often referred to as a write once language. This is because it can sometimes be challenging to understand SQL written by others, and this starts with the basics of how the SQL is formatted. We’ve dealt with tens of thousands of queries, and just cleaning up the formatting is the first step in moving forward.

Report Builder Features

Deliver stunning Excel reports

Easy To Use Drag & Drop Designer

Once you’ve written a handful of queries you’ll be familiar with the design process, so when you start writing reports you’ll be ready to go. The same design canvas is used to write queries and reports, with the main difference being that a report includes an Excel template file to accept the query results.

Bring Together Multiple Queries

Many reports contain a single query only, but the most powerful reports combine multiple queries together to present a holistic view of enterprise performance. QuerySmith supports multiple queries from multiple databases concurrently, allowing you to build powerful reports quickly and easily.

Chart Your Insights

All Excel chart types are supported in report templates. The easiest way to create charts is to associate them with pivot tables giving a highly interactive report experience.

Cross Tabulate With Pivot Tables

Pivot table are the quickest, easiest and most powerful way of presenting data. You can calculate sums, averages and counts that quickly aggregate your results in cross tabular form.

Web Reporting Features

Browser based report distribution

Based On Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft has done an excellent job of making Excel files available on the web. All reports are displayed using the exact same rendering technology as Office 365. QuerySmith is the perfect complement to PowerPivot reports hosted in SharePoint or Office 365.

Works Across All Browsers

No matter if you’re running Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, your Excel reports will look and function great in all of them.

Fewer Passwords With Single Sign On

One obstacle to cloud hosted reporting systems is the requirement for users to leave your Windows domain environment, thus losing the ability to have a single sign-on authentication experience. The reporting front end can be hosted on your own IIS server, which will authenticate your Windows domain users before running reports on the cloud hosted back end.

Email Scheduling Features

Automate the delivery of Excel reports

Flexible Scheduling

Not all reports are run on demand. Reports that you want delivered daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly can be emailed to your team using a powerful scheduling rule set very similar to the recurrence rules in Outlook.

Mobile Friendly

For your travelling sales and operational staff, reports delivered via email can be a huge time saver. Having to log in from a browser on a mobile device can be a pain, but Excel reports can easily be opened from attachments. Viewing reports in native mobile excel looks and works great on Windows Phone, Surface, iPhone, and iPad.

Security Features

Keep your data safe and secure

Encrypted Data Transfer

QuerySmith automatically encrypts data that is transferred to and from your site to the cloud, keeping your data safe and secure.

No Need To Change Your Firewall Rules

Some cloud hosted reporting solutions require you to open a port in your firewall to allow connections from the cloud. This requires that IT get involved which can means months of delay for authorization and implementation. QuerySmith initiates the connection to the cloud from within your network meaning that it’s easy and it just works.

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